How to Brand your Airbnb or Vacation Rental

Branding your airbnb property or vacation rental can not only help differentiate you between competitor properties, it can also help you get more bookings. Designing an experience around what your home can offer to a guest helps them visualize the time they will spend their and the amazing vacation they will have.

The brand for your home can start with the naming – what do you want to resonate across to your customers? Use your location and surroundings to help achieve this.

If your home has a unique style to it, or has been thoughtfully decorated with carefully curated modern or vintage finds – use these details when naming your property.

Charming Cottage of Charleston, the Modern Maisonette, or Farmhouse Bungalow at Kitt’s Creek all conjure up a vision for what a guest has in store for them. Add a tagline to further help define your property and help tell your story.

A lot of people think of logos and something solely reserved for companies, but your rental property is a business that brings you revenue, so why not give it a logo as part of its branding? A logo can also keep your space memorable, much like a boutique hotel experience.

Print your logo on business cards for handing or keeping a stack at your property for guests to take if they need to contact you, or pass the property info along to a friend.

A guidebook could be as simple as a binder printed with your logo on the front. A great place to store house rules, instructions, local sights to see, nearby restaurants, etc. Other ideas to help keep a unified brand across materials: notepads, printed tote bags that guests can use or offer as a take-away item, or coffee mugs that carry your logo, house phrasing or simple story in a graphical motif.

Have a beachfront property in need of a quick identity? Personalize with your own name, change the font style and colors on this pre-made chic umbrella design. Click on the image to see more.


A bohemian identity perfect for a desert retreat! Click on the image to personalize for yourself.


Have something more classic, with a regency feel… how about this unique door knocker logo with a greek key backdrop? Click the image to personalize.

When setting up your property listing use compelling, cohesive photos of your home that keep the same mood and tone throughout to really engage with your potential guest. This is what will really sell them choosing your rental property over another, or even over a chic, boutique hotel. Choose furnishings and decor that seamlessly bring together the beauty of your space, creating a vision for them.

Keeping your photos styled and well edited will help bring your brand story to life.

Use color and pattern to help define your home’s style and play that up in your photos. Style your photos for a livable look… much like a lifestyle shot you may see in a magazine. Focus on a theme and stick with it (sophisticated, creative, minimal, artsy, etc). Don’t forget the little details that help make up your home – a vase of flowers on the table, a vignette of vases in a corner, a special rug or throw in the living area.

Another extra step that will help get future guests engaged in the idea of staying at your property: set up a website that will help tell the unique story of your home. Offer a contact form for potential guests to ask questions and get more details. Don’t forget to set up Facebook and Instagram accounts to connect personally with guests and gain more exposure through your visual branding.

The more you can set yourself apart and offer a unique option over a boutique hotel experience, the better you can compete in the ever growing space of vacation rentals.

After all, you are offering privacy and a one-of-a-kind experience, so make sure people know about you!

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