Aromi Beauty

Cosmetics Product Branding for Aromi Beauty, a handcrafted, vegan cosmetics and fragrance brand

Aromi needed a trademark look and feel that presented their cosmetics with the same quality and refinement that goes into the production of their product line. 1201AM extended the existing Aromi logo of three overlapping leaf shapes into a full-color, organic pattern of flowing leaves and flowers. The illustration was scaled up to appear oversized and abstract on the cosmetic packaging, and then set on a matte, black background which allowed the illustration to pop and draw attention to the abstract beauty of the floral motif as well as garner interest and intrigue into the product line. The pattern was then contrasted with alternating black panels which appear on the sides of the cosmetic boxes, and provides negative space for the product information to be listed. The new design appears on the boxes in various colorways for each Aromi cosmetic product.

Design, Illustration, Photography and Art Direction by 1201AM