Dawn & Dusk

Brand design and digital marketing for Dawn & Dusk Knitwear

Dawn & Dusk is an innovative knitwear company using sustainable materials for their product line. The name was born when founder Dawn Harris became interested in meditation, and used the times of dawn and dusk to focus on building her daily habit. She wanted a clean mark that abstractly conveyed the feeling of the rising of the sun and the setting of the sun. We settled on the double triangle motif to help express this, with the larger triangle representing the opening of the day and the inside triangle depicting the closure of the day as the sun sets. A friendly typeface was added for her company name using the french ampersand to bring a little character to the word mark. We extended the open, friendly feel of her brand into her Shopify website and imagery used in her catalog. Warm, neutral tones were used as foundational colors, letting the apparel stand out.

Design by 1201AM