What is a Logo?

A logo is a visual symbol or word mark (or combination of both) used to quickly introduce yourself or your business. You would see it on your business cards, signage, stationery, web site, social media, etc. The logo helps make up your brand identity. At one glance, your customers will get the feel of who you are through your graphic logo.

The style of your logo should reflect the type of business you are in, the services you are offering, or the tone you are trying to set with your overall vision. This can be achieved by a particular style of lettering to make up your business name. A serif typeface can appear more classic and timeless, whereas a sans-serif typeface could appear more modern. A hand-drawn font would be great for a craft business, whereas a cursive font may work better to show formality or elegance, such as a wedding planner. In all cases, the typographic portion of your logo should appear legible and be readable at small and large sizes. It should also help convey the personality you are going for with your business.

Some logos also include a symbol along with the typographic word mark. This could be a very clear visual, or it could be more abstract. The use of shapes, spacial arrangement, typefaces and colors can create a complete visual identity in the form of a logo that can then be used as a single visual across all of your business materials. Many logos have alternate displays that can be helpful when being presented on signs vs. stationery (stacked logo motifs vs. horizontal logo motifs), for example. The designs will always feel unified because you are repeating the same elements across your branded collateral.

Your logo will become a primary identifier of your business. It’s the face of your organization, and helps make that first impression just right!

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